Home Church Reports 6

“In a world that is enamored by mega churches – huge crowds and large numbers of spectators, I’m more interested in mini churches – compact, small groups of intimate brothers and sisters.  Jesus defined the Church as ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name…’”
Pastor WD Favour on Understanding the Church

Home Churches

I think our home church meetings this week were fascinating.

Home Church B
Ogui Rd., Enugu, Nigeria
[Photo clip: Interactive session at home church B]

Home Churches “Our meeting was awesome as members rejoiced greatly for the faithfulness of God during the week. I was particularly pleased with all the good tidings; being achievers in our home is of great importance to us.

The sun was setting with lovely instrumentals playing in the background when members started arriving at my home.  Greetings were exchanged.  Then we worshipped and said a short prayer. 

Our interactive session was on the subject ‘Stability in our walk with God’. A member opined that, ‘When we focus on our walk with God, stability which is a by-product will also accrue to us.’

We gave our offerings and took donations for the upcoming charity outreach of our church.  Then we practiced for our Sunday presentation which is a melodrama titled, ‘He knows about you.’ We hope it edifies the church.

Our interactive session next week will focus on the subject, ‘Your Associations.’

Live out your passion and have a fulfilling weekend.”

~ Pastor Anuli Mbakwe

The Nixon’s Home Church
McMurray, PA, USA
[Photo clip: Refreshments at the Nixon’s home church]

H_C_USA4 “Praise God the weather was decent enough to hold church tonight!  We all expressed our gratitude as we gathered and spent time in fellowship. 

After a worshipful song, Don led us in a discussion and an overview lesson on spiritual formations based on Galatians 4:8-19. We discussed how our culture is spiritually anemic and why.  Within the discussion one of the teens asked how one becomes spiritually mature.  A beautiful question!

To mature as a Christian and experience more intimacy with God we must ‘workout’ with spiritual disciplines that include things like fasting, praying, giving, solitude, etc.  Over the next few weeks we will be diving into such disciplines.

God is training us to be in the big contest.  We must be ready!

After the lesson two very special things happened tonight.

  1. A prayer jar was introduced to our service and we blessed the jar and its purpose. It will always be set up in a specific place in the Nixon’s home. This jar is for people to put their personal/private requests in throughout the week, and will be prayed over during our home church meeting.  This will not replace our sharing time but is set a side for requests that are left unspoken.
  2. The products for the Haiti Personal Hygiene Campaign were collected and prayed over.  We will be donating at least 6 – 5 gallon buckets filled to the brim with needed items.  What a blessing!!

It was such a joy for us to all be back fellowshipping and worshiping together.”

~ Shileen Nixon

Home Church C
Maryland, Enugu, Nigeria
[Photo clip: Interactive session at home church C]

Home Churches “It was another great time with smiles on the faces of members as we began our meeting with worship songs and opening prayer. There was brief interaction amongst us as we tried to catch up with one another’s activities during the week.

Our discussion was on the subject ‘Asking the right questions – the whys,what’s, and hows – of life of life.’ There were several contributions from our members such as, ‘For you to be a strategic thinker, you should have a well established why,’ and that, ‘Living without a why is like travelling without a destination.’

The high point of the meeting for me happened during the discussion when a member shared the story of his challenges in finding the ‘how’ to one of the ‘whys’ in his life, and straightway, another member gave him the much needed ‘how’!

We collected our offerings and then rehearsed for our Sunday’s presentation – a mime with the theme ‘I want to be me’.

Next week we will be looking at our individual financial goals for the year. 
Stay tuned.”

~ Dr. Chidimma Njoku

Home Church D
Agbani Rd., Enugu, Nigeria
[Photo clip: Fun session at home church D]

Home Churches “Our home church started with an intimate worship session. We were still in the mood of worship as we commenced our interactive bible study on ‘Christ the mediator between man and God’. Our bible texts were from Galatians 3:13-20 and 1 Timothy 2:5. Our interaction opened our eyes to the import of the death of Christ. The room was drenched with an air of sobriety. Christ’s sacrifice inspired us to go the extra mile in supporting the charity department of our Church towards the forth coming outreach to the poor.

We then gave our offerings in solemnity and rehearsed for our presentation in church on Sunday – a pantomimic illustration of the import of Christ as the mediator between man and God.  It was exciting to watch every one passionately putting in their best efforts to perfect our presentation.

Next week, our activities will include deliberations on how to make our home church D an ideal home.

Keep up your love for Christ. See you next week.”

~ Pastor Sopuru Akandu

Home Church A
New Haven, Enugu, Nigeria
[Photo clip: Group photo of some of home church A members]

H_C_A5 “I opened up the meeting with a word of advice excerpted from the teachings of WD Favour. Pastor Ken led us in songs of worship to usher in the Holy Spirit, and said the opening prayer.

Our interactive bible study was on ‘Living a Joyous Life,’ from Nehemiah 8:10, Psalm 118:24, and Proverbs 12:12. There were several contributions from our members on the issue of happiness: ‘If you are prone to sadness, always remind yourself that nobody can make you sad, if you do not permit it,’ and ‘When you are unhappy, ask GOD to give you joy. Then cultivate the mental discipline to think only on beautiful things.’ 🙂

The most exciting aspect of our home church meeting was the rehearsal of our dance presentation for Sunday.

At the end of the day, I said the opening prayers. Thanks for reading, and have a very lovely weekend.”

~ Udoka Enujeko

So, what did you take away from today’s report?  
Which aspect of these stories captured your interest the most? 
I really want to read about your personal perceptions about what happened this week.