Home Church Reports 5

If the members within our churches are trained, empowered, and equipped to take care of small groups of other members in our various homes, millions of cash being spent today to maintain expensive religious building projects will become more available to improve the lives of the poor within our churches and the wider society. ~ Pastor WD Favour on Understanding The Church

This week, I’m presenting only one report from the six home churches in our family network.  The Nixon’s Home Church was unable to meet this week as a result of the record-breaking snow storm that’s been hitting their area since last week.  It’s been a tough time for them as they try to cope with snow capped streets, power outages, and so on.  I am also unable to present reports from the other home churches here in Nigeria because of issues related to report and picture quality.  I’m really sorry for this.

Home Church B
Ogui Rd. Enugu, Nigeria
[Photo Clip: Some of Home Church B members having a discussion during their meeting]

H_C_B6“Late afternoon was cool and particularly pleasant. Members arrived at 4.27pm and we of course asked each other how the week had been so far. At about 4.40pm, our inspiring worship session began and then a short prayer.

Our interactive study was on ‘A focused heart’, which saw us defining focus and its relevance. One of our members said she displayed extraordinary focus when prevailing circumstances would have led to a different outcome.

We gave our offerings, prayed for Nigeria and our members. Contributions were made for the upcoming charity outreach by our church.

The interactive session was so interactive as seen in the pictures which were taken. This is wonderful as one of our goals is to build independent thinkers who can also express themselves.

We practiced for our presentation which is a comedy drama. I also commended everyone once again for their brilliant performance on Sunday. They made me proud.

Our meeting ended at 7.45pm and next week, we’ll discuss stability in our walk with God. Have a lovely week and stay ahead.”  Anuli_Mbakwe

~ Pastor Anuli Mbakwe