“The refreshing thing about our home churches is the freedom to be ‘you’ without fear of being judged, or condemned.  For us it’s never about do’s and don’ts; it’s rather about caring for one another, and being there for each other. We call it ‘home.’”

~ Pastor WD Favour on Understanding the Church

Enjoy this weeks summaries of our home church meetings.

home churches “We were all excited to receive gifts from a member. It was a pleasant surprise. We then sang some spirit-filled songs before praying to formally start the meeting.

Our interactive bible study was on the subject “The Very Fundamentals,” and our text was from Proverbs 8:21. We defined the term ‘fundamental’ as the center of a thing which is extremely important. Then came the question, ‘What is the most fundamental aspect in our walk with God?’

After much thinking and brainstorming, ‘putting God first’ emerged as the answer. We concluded that once this becomes our ultimate priority, every other thing – relationships, finances, career, and so on – will fall into place.

Our study next week will be on ‘The Faith Experience.’

Have a peaceful weekend”

~ Pastor Anuli Mbakwe
Home Church B
Ogui Rd., Enugu, Nigeria

“Home church is getting more interesting as dinner is becoming a constant feature of our meetings.

After a Spirit-charged worship session, we continued our interactive bible study on last week’s subject of ‘Selflessness’ from I Corinthians 13: 1-3. We centered on the fact that love should be our primary motive our caring for others. It is love that qualifies our sacrificial deeds as SELFLESS. Verse 3 points out that even the greatest and most sacrificial humanitarian deeds without love as the underlying motive is indeed selfishness.

One of us decried the fact that Christians nowadays make sacrifices not because of love but because of what they want to get out of it.  We rounded-off by agreeing that we should make love our motive for caring for others.

I was stunned as one of us, who traveled to a far away state, surprisingly appeared in the room saying, ‘I can’t imagine not being here!’ He testified of journey mercies and of the Lord’s favours on his trip.

Next week, we’ll continue exploring the concept of selflessness.

Pause, smile, God loves you.


~ Pastor Sopuru Akandu
Home Church D
Agbani Rd., Enugu, Nigeria

The just concluded Easter season offered stories of merriment as we shared our experiences and thanked God for the safety and peace enjoyed throughout the period.

After a review  of our performances so far, we resolved to abandon the well trodden path of mediocrity in order to walk the narrow path of excellence.

Our interactive bible study was on the topic ‘Keys towards building courage.’ We drew inspiration from 1 Samuel 17:32-48, Colossian 4:17, and Exodus 15:14. We learnt that fear looses its power as we confront it. Every time we move by faith we alter the realities around us. We ultimately learnt to courageously embrace present opportunities even if the conditions are not perfect.

Next week we will be discussing how to work on your ideas.

~ Udoka Enujeko
Home Church A
New Haven, Enugu, Nigeria

This week’s home church was fun as members trooped in excitedly. Most of us had travelled to spend the past Easter weekend with family and friends, so the joyousness was quite evident on our faces. We happily sang worship songs and prayed to usher in the Holy Spirit.

We pondered on the phrase ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’  from Matthew 5:5. A member summarized it to mean ‘a child like attitude,’ that is,  being willing to learn, which is a key to greatness. Another said that it means submissiveness to the rules and laws that govern life, which invariably lead to excellence in life. When someone asked whether meekness meant the absence of courage, we decided that it takes courage to be meek.

After a light refreshment, our great time together came to an end. It is a beautiful thing to fellowship with people of like minds in God’s presence.

~ Dr. Chidinma Njoku
Home Church C
Maryland, Enugu, Nigeria


Have a refreshing weekend…

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