Home Church Report 7

“I do not intend to define the church in very narrow terms.  The Church can take many forms in it’s expressions in time and space: a massive stadium celebration galore, as well as a small, simple Christian friends club.” Pastor WD Favour on Understanding the Church


I asked the home church leaders to share the personal experiences of individual members of their home churches.  Here’s a bunch for you.  ENJOY!
[Photo clip: Home Church B members getting ready for a Sunday presentation.] 

Home Churches“I entered 2010 without much expectation and so far I cant seem to find anything more interesting than my weekly home church meetings.” ~ Uche Okafor, Home Church B 

“Educative and enlightening…intellectually inspiring.” ~ Inya-Agha Joy Ebubechukwu, Home Church B

“I am actually feeling the impact of a true home as everyone share their needs and are accepted the way they are. It gives room for us to display our talents and gifts which helps in self discovery” Ikenna Ani, Home Church C

“Being a part of my home church is helping me develop as a person and discover more about myself—my potentials ,talents, ability to think fast and effectively” ~ Joy Okeke, Home Church C

“I love the atmosphere of ‘one big family’…there’s this true sense of belonging I have and I wouldn’t want to trade it for anything”~ Francis Onuekwusi, Home Church C

“The home church has brought us into a closer fellowship with God and with one another.” ~ Emmanuel Orji, Home Church D

“Participating in my home church is enabling me to discover my unique abilities and strength, specifically through our bid to come up with excellent presentations for our family gathering on Sundays.” ~ Kingsley Nebo, Home Church D

“The home church has helped me develop punctuality and stability. It has also increased my enthusiasm and deepened my sense of belonging” ~ Samuel Vincent, Home Church D

Family, love, friendship, sharing together…that is what this is all about, and I’m loving it!!!