Holy Spirit Please Restore Us To Our First Love And Intensify Our Passion For You! in Jesus Name!

I can sense a revival breaking out in the hearts of thousands of Blissful People all over the world:

A revival of love for God.
A revival of intimacy with God.
A revival of separation unto God.
A revival of detachment from the cares of this world.
A revival of prayer and fasting.
A revival of love for the brethren.

And I believe it’s happening already!
Glory to God!

As I shared during yesterday’s Prayer Connect, I had a very interesting conversation on Monday with a lovely lady from Estonia. She wanted to know how to give her Love Seed for the Financial Favour Friday.

Well, during our conversation she shared some very interesting stories with me.

First of all, she told me that her pastor introduced her to Prayer Connect nearly two years ago. So her pastor is actually one of our Blissful People.

Then she told me that her Pastor would gather the entire church and they’ll watch Prayer Connect together as a group!

Isn’t that neat?

According to her, they are a group of people that love the Holy Spirit so much. Their church is all about the Holy Spirit. And that’s what they loved the most about Prayer Connect—we’re always about the Holy Spirit.

And together as a church they have watched every single Prayer Connect video! 

That’s really awesome.

She also told me how they couldn’t watch Prayer Connect anymore because I stopped coming online. That broke my heart. ?

In any case, when I announced the Lord’s instruction concerning the Financial Favour Friday, she had to ask the Holy Spirit what to do. Whether she should give or not.

The Holy Spirit told her to give.

That’s so amazing.

We prayed for that church and the nation of Estonia yesterday. And I want us to pray for them again today.

Holy Spirit, bless this lovely church in Estonia full of Your Blissful People. Let them continue to love You and follow You always with all their hearts. Let Your peace and love always dominate their hearts.

In Jesus name!