May The Love Of The Holy Spirit Immunize You Against All Offenses in Jesus Name!

As we approached the end of yesterday’s fasting and prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit showed me a very powerful satanic trick that he uses to hinder our prayers.


So, right now, without wasting any time, if you’re hurt, offended, or bitter towards anyone because of something they did or failed to do, understand that Satan is manipulating you big time!

Receive grace right now to overlook, forgive, cover and pray for that person and whatever it is they’ve done —or still doing—that offends you.

Offenses can grow into bitterness, which grows into unforgiveness, which produces cancer of soul and body. And which hinders your prayers.

Offense is standing in the way. Bitterness is poisoning your destiny. Unforgiveness is hindering your prayers.

Don’t let it. Don’t!

Now pray the following prayer and type your amen in the comment.

Dear Holy Spirit, help me to forgive. Help me to overlook. Help me to cover. Help me to pray for my offenders. Help me to walk in love. Please, immunize me against offenses. In Jesus name.