His Voice (7): Preserves Your Consecration

John 21:21-22 EEV | “When Peter saw this disciple, he asked Jesus, ‘Lord, what will happen to him?’ Jesus answered him, ‘Perhaps, I might want him to live on the earth until I return. But it does not matter to you. You must follow me!'”

After His resurrection, Jesus told Peter the kind of death Peter would die to glorify God. But Peter was more interested in finding out whether Apostle John will die the same way too. Jesus plainly told him that God’s program for him was different from John’s. And that he should concentrate on his own path with God.

God’s specific plans for His children vary from person to person. His demands and instructions per time may differ for each person. For Samson, God’s instruction for his life was that he should on no account cut his hair. Samson’s life came crashing the moment that instruction was disobeyed. (Judges 13-16)

Your obedience to God’s specific instructions to you opens up new levels to you. It ensures that daily you are becoming the person God wants you to be, and your life is becoming more blissful as God intended it. The voice of the Holy Spirit is your key to this treasure. Imagine for a moment if Peter didn’t know what God wanted from him. He would have taken steps to abort his destiny. May you receive greater sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit. And may you receive abundant grace to walk in the path God chooses for you.