His Voice (1): Your Access To Truth

John 16:13 MSG | “But when the Friend comes, the Spirit of the Truth, He will take you by the hand and guide into all the truth …”

To walk in the truth has never been more important than it is in our time. With so many different beliefs, ways of thinking and definitions flying around in the world today, you need the truth from God more than ever.

In addition, Jesus tells us that the Father has to be worshipped in Spirit and in truth. (John 4:24) You and I need the truth of God, the truth of God’s ways, the truth of life as God designed it, and the truth of God’s definitions all the more so. The voice of the Holy Spirit grants you access to this treasure. His voice reveals Truth to you.

The Holy Spirit speaks in various ways. You could hear Him through a still small voice, a firm conviction in your heart, audibly, through nature, through the Scriptures, through people around you or even events. I pray for you today, as you treasure the voice of the Holy Spirit and pay more attention to Him, may He reveal more truth to you. And may your life become more and more blissful, the way God intended.