I’m Not A Fan Of Organized Religion

One thing I try very hard not to do is to tell anyone how to live their lives. It’s none of my business. And, quite frankly, I don’t care. What will be will be. At the end of the day, God’s will gets done one way or the other, no matter how we chose to live our lives. So why should I stress myself telling others how to run their lives? Doesn’t make any sense.

My writings and teachings are essentially journals of my inward journey of self-discovery—my questions, discoveries, experiences, and lessons. So, they are very personal. At the same time, they are messages that flow from deep within me; messages from my Source to those of a kindred spirit with me—He refers to them as Consecrated Ones. The possibility here is that in my expressions, they may gain the light to find their own way. But, even then it is your divine prerogative to think for yourself and reach your own conclusions.

In this post, let me express some of my personal views on organized religion—particularly Christian denominations. I used to head one. But I’m no longer a fan. So, here we go.

When it comes to spiritual matters, to our relationship with God, to the fellowship of the brethren, I tend to shy away any form of human organization. As far I can see, all organized religious denominations eventually degenerate into formalism: Imposing ‘membership requirements’—as if we needed to rigidly adhere to certain man-made rules to be members of the Body of Christ. Holding gatherings according to rigidly fixed schedules—as if we could schedule the Holy Spirit and tell Him when and when not to move. 

To me, the application of human organizational principles to the gathering together of the believers —say you establish bylaws and doctrines in addition to the Scriptures, and set up rigid human leadership positions in addition to the Holy Spirit— eventually leads to the Tower of Babel; an antiChrist beast that will ultimately drive out the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. On the other hand, man-made rules, regulations, doctrinal statements, constitutions and by-laws tend over time to deteriorate into Towers of Babel—that is, antiChrist sociopolitical and financial beasts; manifesting as organized religion; exploiting the selfishness and mental indolence of people. 

The Holy Spirit is infinitely sufficient to lead us in Christ, guide us into all the truth and teach us all things. Human beings, on the other hand, so-called ‘heads’ of so-called ‘churches’, are merely imposters.

When we replace the Holy Scriptures with man-made doctrines, and put mere human beings in the place of the Holy Spirit, we end up with all these Towers of Babel—financial empires; scam operations and con jobs masquerading as churches!

Lord have mercy!

Personally, the moment a gathering of believers manufactures a doctrinal statement, rather than be satisfied with the scriptures and the Holy Spirit; once we set up constitutions and by laws, rather than depend on and completely trust the Holy Spirit; as soon as we set up a mere human being as the ‘head’ of the ‘church’, rather than submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ through His indwelling Holy Spirit—I’ll take that as my call to journey on.

I follow only the Holy Spirit.