He will answer all your prayers this season

This week, the LORD spoke to me a lot along the lines of prayer – that He answers all of our prayers.

Now, this might not seem to be supported by your experiences in prayers, but it’s true.

First, I ask, do you have a record of that prayer you prayed on January 19th 2006?


You’ve probably forgotten all about it. So, how would you know whether or not it has been answered?

This is what happens to the majority of our prayers. We find ourselves in a crisis. Then we cry out to God. He gives us inner peace – often amidst the crisis – that wipes away the pain and anxiety of the problem.  As a result of this, we generally forget the problem and may never remember it again; so when it ‘quietly’ goes away in answer to our prayer, we do not know.

We are then constantly left with the illusion that our prayers are never answered.

Well, they are; and they are all the time.

The answers may not be dramatic, or sensational; but, yes, God answers all your prayers all the time.

Now, mark all the prayers you are making at this season, because He will answer all of them.

Further Reading:

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