He Is Lifting Your Head Today.

Good day God’s own Blissful. It’s my pleasure to write to you today by the Holy Spirit. He really loves you very much. He cares about every detail of your life. He is for you. 

Right now I know you are facing some issues that have gotten you down in the dumps. You are trying your best to believe God. You are praying and trying hard to not worry. But it seems like you can’t get over the hump of disparity. Well, I have good news! 

Holy Spirit, Himself, is personally there and He is lifting your head. He will do something special for you today to cause a smile to brighten your face. He is going to make your soul rise up in victory and lift your head so that you can see Him and His beauty in your day! Bliss be with you. 

Psalm 3:3| “But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.”

Wildfire WestWind
Wildfire WestWindhttps://www.revwildfire.com
Wildfire WestWind is a Consecrated One; and has the honor of helping Rev Wildfire as a Missionary and Pastor in the Wildfire Missions. She is an amplifier for the voice of God on the earth; transmitting Holy Spirit inspired teaching and preaching to God’s chosen people all over the world.
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