He Craves Your Company

God’s loneliness

We meditated on the subject of ‘God’s loneliness’ in our Home Church meeting this week. We saw that the primary purpose of our salvation is to have constant, deep, solid, and intimate communion with God.

Angels cannot satisfy God’s need for our company: they’re only created for service (Hebrews 1:13-14).

Our primary calling, as sons of God, is to commune with God in fellowship. Each moment, in the midst of myriads of angels bowing before Him, God still longs for your company. He sits on His majestic throne, longingly waiting for you to come and commune with Him.

God longs for you to share His plans and His pains; He longs for you to ask Him “Father, how are you doing?”

I pray the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to this spiritual truth.

First Things First

I chose this topic now that we are in the excitement of preparing for the Festival of Home Churches 2010 because I want to raise a crop of Christians who put first things first – who don’t allow their service for God distract them from their fellowship with Him.

From Luke 10: 38-42, we realize that Christians, who should have been with God in loving fellowship, mostly keep running around in mindless service, thereby forfeiting the true blessings of sonship.

This is not to say that our services to God are not important to Him. I simply want emphasize that to God, our fellowship with Him is superior to our services for Him. I could sense God complain “You run about working for Me. But why don’t you sit with Me and learn of Me?”

Is it not tragic that we do more and more for a Lord whom we know less and less?  That, in spite of all our services for Him, few Christians really know Him?

What Do We Do?

In the end, I recommended that each of us in our home church should, everyday, spend at least 30 minutes alone with God. Also, each month, each of us ought to separate one day (6am – 6pm) that we’ll be with God in solitude.

Remember this, your fellowship with God is more preferable to God, than your services for Him.

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“our fellowship with Him is superior to our services for Him.” Good! The Master needs our Relationship, our Companionship and Communion; It is only when we establish this that we can render excellent services to the glory of his name.

Thanks very much Pastor Sopuru, remain blessed.


Pastor Sopuru! Thank you so much for this beautiful lesson. Luke 10:38-42 totally blew me away. I think in today’s society it is so easy for people to forget that we need to take the time out of our busy chaotic schedule and focus on God. I do this every day and every morning and evening. It is a blessing to be filled in the holy spirit. God Bless You Abundantly and thank you.