Have Yourself A Merry Little Xmas

It’s that sparkle season again. Magical Festival of lights. A time to be happy and make merry.

Around the world, Xmas is beloved for a variety of reasons. My favorite thing about Xmas is the music; beautiful and melancholic—stirs nostalgic feelings in my heart.

I asked my Beautiful People around the world to share their favorite things about Xmas. Here are some of the responses:

“The colors green and red.”

“Reflections on the love of God for humanity.”

“The family celebration mood.”

“The family retreat.”

“The songs and hymns; the fanfare, love, joy, creativity. Memories of the tradition of Christmas that the missionary schools brought to bear makes me nostalgic each year.”

“The food—different delicacies.”

“The weather and the songs and meeting with families.”

“The beautiful songs; the colours and decorations; loved ones re-uniting. And it comes with festivities and celebrations of different kinds: wedding, trad, anniversaries, home coming, cooking…lol…and lots more.”

“I enjoy the family coming together.”

“The atmosphere; the songs and excitements.”

“For me it’s time to meet up with long seen friends and family.”

“Xmas songs.”

“Reuniting with loved ones. Not going to work; sleeping in..lol!”

“It re-unites all.”

“Christmas songs and decorations.”

“The music; the atmosphere; the holiday break; family reunion. It’s a time to really reflect on the Love of God for his Children.”

Each person shared a different reason. Each to their own. ?

Now, whatever Xmas may mean to you — shopping, partying, visiting, eating and drinking, the sparkle and dazzle, the lights and the colors, the nostalgia, the melancholic songs and hymns, friends and family, the gifts, the Xmas trees—enjoy it to the full!

And have yourself a Merry Little Xmas!