Have you ever felt like giving up lately?

Have you ever felt like giving up lately?
Are you feeling like giving up right now?
Have you given up already?

Don’t give up on yourself!

Ours is a tough world. It’s very trying and challenging.
More often than not the battle gets so tough, the storm so strong, and the night so dark it will take super human strength to make it through to the next day.
Everyone goes through storms – ups, and downs, mountains, and valleys. Many break down under the pressure and quit. Others simply abandon it all and run.
Yet some people somehow manage to hold on. They refuse to quit and eventually emerge as winners.

How are you reacting to the pressures of life?
Do you feel like abandoning the fort and fleeing into sadness, and self pity? Or do you hold on and win?

I wrote this post with one message in mind, and that is this, don’t give up on yourself !

A lot of things can act on you to force you to give up.
Let’s examine a few of them.

#1 Your personal moral failures

Perhaps, each time you look into your personal life, you see so much moral failings. Consequently, you feel so rotten, so useless, and so worthless.
Do you find it hard to lift up your face before God and other people who appear holier than you?
Because of my responsibilities as a Christian Pastor, I understand these feelings too well. I meet all kinds of people during my counseling sessions and many have told me, “Pastor, I feel useless, and worthless. I feel so dirty.”

A lot of the people that come to me for counseling have been under torture from extreme feelings of guilt

It’s ok to feel guilty. So protect your privilege to feel guilty and maintain a tender conscience.
Do not become hardened in immorality. Don’t justify your moral failings.

I do not intend in anyway to justify wrong actions but rather to tell you that in spite of your failures, you can still make it, if you don’t give up on yourself .

Let your guilt work for you.
Let it drive you to cry, to confess, and to make restitutions.
But don’t allow feelings of guilt drive you to quit on yourself.
Peter and Judas both betrayed Jesus. Judas gave up and hanged. Peter held on and became the chief of the Apostles. King David held on after his moral failures, and together with Bathsheba fathered the wise king Solomon and our Savior Jesus Christ.

In spite of your weaknesses, you can still make it.
If God can make murderers like Moses, and blasphemers like St. Paul, into great men, He can raise you and use you if you don’t give up on yourself.

#2 How other people treat you

Do you feel like the people around you don’t care about you?
Are you concerned that nobody seems to be interested in how you are feeling and faring?
This is a selfish world. We all have felt the insensitivities of this world at one time or the other.
Besides, everyone is going through their own stuff, so much that they often fail to notice us.

Are you feeling betrayed by those you once trusted?
You might even right now be going through rejection and heartbreak.
What do you do?
If you cave in and wallow in self pity, the world will trample on you and life just goes on.

So pick yourself up!
Step out of your shell!
Dare to move on!
Don’t give up on yourself!

Even if it’s only for your own sake, move on. Don’t give up.
If no one cares or loves you, love yourself, accept the love of God, and move on!

#3 Unfairly comparing yourself with others

As foolish as this is, we just can’t help doing it.
Everyone does it at one point or the other; some more or less than others.
The single lady compares herself with the others – course mates, roommates, age mates, siblings, friends -who’ve gotten married and are having a ‘great time’. She feels she’s not getting any younger and nobody seems to be looking at her. The few relationships she’s involved in don’t seem to be headed towards marriage. She panics and probably sinks into sadness.
I understand that too well. Yes, I know that you want to have your own husband, experience the thrill of loving and being loved, and the joy of carrying and nursing your own children.
Yet, my message to you is, don’t give in to panic or depression. You don’t necessarily need to get married to live a life of relevance and happiness. Don’t give up on yourself simply because no one seems to value you enough to want to get married to you.

Hold on to your faith that the One who created male and female has one for you!
In the meantime, throw yourself into the service of God and humanity.
Launch into a labor of love!
Focus on discovering and developing your potentials and purpose; focus on making yourself a blessing to this generation.
You are an asset to your world.
Regardless of what anyone might think of you, I’d love to inform you that you are a gift to this world !

You must not give in to a feeling of hopelessness and inferiority.
Do not look at yourself through the lens of your current situation in life, where you are right now.
Look at yourself through the lens of your hopes, your dreams, and the world you desire to live in.
Believe in your ability to make it and in God’s grace and favor to come through for you.

Sometimes, the fact of your own failure to meet with certain ideals – projected by people who look up to you – could pressure you to give up! Sometimes I wish I could project the image of a perfect, all knowing leader. Unfortunately, try as much as I would, I still can’t!
Such posture often embarrasses me.
The truth is that I’ve made more mistakes than I can dare to remember. The scores of my wrongs far outweigh those of my rights! Yet my God goes on with me. He insists on using me to day to create positive impact in thousands of lives around the world.
Our Creator is more interested in sincere and humble people, than He is in those who are ‘perfect.’
So, if you don’t give up on yourself, if you don’t quit, you will eventually win.

#5 Your personal responsibilities, goals, ambitions, and projects

Do you feel so inadequate, and so incompetent to deal with daily responsibilities and challenges?
Does the thought of your unfulfilled goals, unrealized dreams, thwarted ambitions, and uncompleted projects make you begin to feel sad, and you want to quit and run away from it all?
Never forget this: there’s enough power in you to see you through!

No matter how you feel, don’t give up.
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
Brighter days are ahead of you.
If you don’t quit, you’ll live to see God’s intervention in the affairs of your life; you’ll live to see the tide turn in your favor.
Put the next leg forward.
Move on.
Hold on.
Don’t give up on yourself!

God bless you.

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Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips
Kikolani | Poetry, Photography, Blogging Tips

This post is very inspirational. There are days when it seems like it is easier to give up than to fight, but just giving into that despair is a waste of the time and energy you could be using to dig yourself out of it.

Instead of focusing on your failures, you have to accept that things that have happened cannot change, and you can focus instead on doing better from here on out. People will not treat you well if you are not treating yourself well, or treating them badly because of your despair. Comparing yourself to others will only drive you mad in the end. If you have not goals or ambitions, then you just need to take some time to figure out if you are on the right path. Learn more about yourself and what you really want out of life.

Also, just wanted to let you know that I gave you the “I love your blog” award. 🙂

~ Kristi


LOL! For the first time, I see a good ‘lack of courage’! I’m glad you lack the courage to quit. Thanks for your interesting comment.


hi, a very helpful and well written post.

yes i do feel like the people around me dont care about me. and sometimes it bothers me a lot. yes, i have felt a lot of times like giving up. but i think giving up also needs a lot of courage which i lack.



I can only add: Amen! to what Pastor WD Favour and Jill said. It’s soo important and true and I thank you both for your message. Blessings, Ingrid


Thanks Jill. There’s no better way to stay strong through unfair treatments, than to find our acceptance in God’s love; it’s more than enough!


Greetings Pastor WD Favour This is a much needed topic to write about and I appreciate the way you so aptly expounded on it. Most of us need to value ourselves much more than we do. Some of the hindrances to our being able to do this you so well outlined in post. Guilt because of past failures and mistakes in our lives can certainly become a ghost in our present always trying to haunt us. If we don’t deal with it, it can certainly lead to us despair and a desire to give up. It is so true we live in a selfish world. The digital age of technology has contributed to the selfish nature of humans by allowing him/her to become self-contained. The solution is to learn to value our own lives. When we can recognize that there IS ONE Who values our life more than we can imagine, it becomes easier to value ourselves. In fact this Person values us so much He gave His only Son so we could enjoy abundant life. (John 10:10). If we can really understand and accept this, it will be easier to: 1. Forgive ourselves. 2. Value ourselves. 3. Enjoy our… Read more »