Hard Choices

Life doesn’t always give us easy choices, like say, a choice between an abusive spouse and a caring one; or being rich and being poor.

If it were so, making choices would be so easy, and everyone would be successful and happy.

The reality of life’s choices is rather that we are compelled to make very difficult choices. For instance, how about choosing between an honest, caring, but poor spouse, and a rich, intelligent, but emotionally distant spouse?  Would you have your spouse be a person of integrity, or a generous individual? How about the hard choice between losing your job, and getting sick?

Yet, I figured out one of life’s subtle tricks: life’s choices is usually a test of first things first. Its a test of values and priorities.  Usually, all of the other alternatives are hidden in one of the choices. For instance, if you were required to choose between the devil and the blue sea, you might well discover that one of those two is your way out of the two horrible alternatives!

I think this was why when he was given a blank cheque by the God of the Universe, wise king Solomon made the following prayer:

“Give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.” ~ 1 Kings 3:9

Think about that; a discerning heart to distinguish between right and wrong.

Life is full of hard choices, but you can ask God today to fill your heart with His wisdom and discernment to make the right decisions amidst life’s hard choices.

Have you ever had to make a very difficult choice between alternatives that were extremely difficult to choose from?

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If i didn’t have to live with the consequence of my choices my life would be a lot easier. lifes choices are hard indeed. I guess in the end like you mentioned in the article, discernment and wisdom will guide us from making the wrong choices. That is if we acqire them.
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Pastor WD Favour
Pastor WD Favour

Sarah, thanks for your comments. I believe that an important aspect of this issue is the difficulty associated with hard choices. I agree with you that it’s not easy to get out of a relationship that offers emotional satisfaction and pleasure, even if you are aware that it’s direction is contrary to God’s purpose for your life. In your case, I’m grateful to God for providing you with good and honest friends/mentors who were able to help you make the choices you had to make.

Deborah Alinda
Deborah Alinda

Have been a victim. Stuck in there, i learnt a lifetime lesson. Many times we have done the one-way-traffic prayer whereby we submit our requests to God but due to impatience fail to wait on the sweet soft voice of the Lord’s answer, thus taking hard choices on assumption. God answers at His own good time.
1Kings 18:41-46