Happy Two Year Anniversary!

Good morning Blissful People!

Today marks exactly two years since the first Prayer Connect!

Two years ago, July 27, 2017, the Holy Spirit told me to go live on Facebook to pray for people. And so started the life-transforming phenomenon we now know as Prayer Connect; which in turn birthed the Blissful People family we’ve all come to love.

A lot has happened since then.

I’m humbled by what the Lord has done so far through that timid, fearful and imperfect obedience to Him two years ago.

Today, as we commemorate the second year of this journey, I’m most grateful to the Lord for helping us stay stay the course this far.

I’m grateful to Him for each one of you: My Blissful People. You’ve made these two years some of my most blissful.

I thank God for the Blissful People Pastors, Blissful People Caregivers, and Blissful People Volunteers. Without your love, support and faithfulness, we would never have made it this far.

I do not yet know what the next two years of our journey together will look like. No one knows. Only the Holy Spirit. But, knowing how much He loves us, we can expect nothing but the very best.

Now, to commemorate our two year anniversary, I request that each of us rewatch the very first Prayer Connect broadcast below. As you watch it, please join me to appreciate the Holy Spirit for how far He has brought us.

Do not fail to leave your own anniversary message, prayers, prophecies and well wishes for Prayer Connect and Blissful People.