Grow In Favour (5): Cheerful Giving

2 Corinthians 9:7b | NKJV “…For God loves a cheerful giver.”

A centurion once sent for Jesus because his loyal servant was critically ill and about dying. The persistent intercession of the elders, and Jesus’ compassionate nature, apparently touched Jesus. But Jesus got up to follow them only the moment the people said, ‘he loves our nation and has built us synagogue.’ So, one could say that the centurion’s generosity unlocked the door of favour for him. Dorcas had a similar story. Her cheerful giving restored her life.

God loves cheerful givers. He delights in those who delight in giving cheerfully. He has a soft spot for them. He never abandons them. Whoever or whatever God loves, he constantly breathes His life and favour on it.

Giving is God’s nature. He naturally gravitate towards anyone who replicates Him, faster. Lord, cause us to excel in the grace of giving. Remove from us fear, and every inhibition to giving cheerfully, and growing in your favour.