Grow In Favour (3): Fear Of The Lord

Psalm 147:11 | NASB “The Lord favours those who fear Him. Those who wait for His lovingkindness.”

Another translation says that ‘those who fear GOD get GOD’s attention.’ To fear God is to honor Him. It speaks of loyalty to Him. It means to stand in awe of Him, and hold His word in highest regard. It means to recognize and acknowledge all that He is, that we’re not, and as a result, give up our desire of trying to be the god of our own lives, and willingly submit and embrace Him as our all-sufficient God.

So, like you and I, God takes pleasure in those who fear Him; in those who are loyal to Him. They are His delight. He loves to think of them. He loves to be with them and help them. He rewards them. They get His attention. His confides in them. He favours them.

May the Holy Spirit reveal Himself to us today afresh, that His fear may be birthed in us anew, and open us up to His multidimensional wisdom and favours.