God’s Principal Craving

This week, we took an expedition where we, to the best of our capabilities, x-rayed God’s heart.

It was Chioma that preached, and anchored the interactive session. She, to my delight, did an excellent job. She opened our eyes to the fact that holiness is God’s principal craving and the fundamental virtue He demands from His people: “Be holy, for I am holy” (1 Peter 1:16).

First, we saw that holiness means being separated, set apart, EXCLUSIVELY reserved for God’s use.

From the foregoing, we understood that one can be righteous without being holy. Righteousness means doing the right things and strictly abstaining from wrongs; whereas holiness refers to being strictly set aside for God.

For instance, in a typical African home, a particular cup, plate, chair, etc is exclusively set apart for the father’s use. Any other family member who uses any of these materials commits a sacrilege. These materials are holy with respect to the father of the house.

As a Christian, that’s how reserved and separated you ought to be unto God.
How separated are you unto God? Are you available to everybody and to everything? Is everything – so long as it is not wrong – permissible to you? Or does your consecration to God restrict you from even some “right” things?

Being holy places a great demand on you. It’s all about sacrifice. Holiness is God’s principal craving. He demands it from you. This is made clear in the bible: “without holiness, none shall see God.” (Hebrews 12:14).

If you can’t afford the sacrifice of holiness, then wave goodbye to seeing God. Seeing God refers to both making heaven and manifesting the attributes and presence of God on earth.

God doesn’t give out his virtues arbitrarily. He gives them to those who’ve paid the price! If you must partake in God’s virtues and secrets, then your life and activities must be streamlined to suit God’s rare taste (Psalm 15:1-5).
Failure to make this sacrifice leaves you with a powerless Christian life and spiritual shallowness. The choice is all yours.

May God help us!