God’s Channel Of Love

Everyday of my life, I must write a message to Blissfuls everywhere, calling on us to love the Holy Spirit with singular devotion, and to set our hearts on things above, not on earthly things.

I feel this burden on my heart everyday. And I have a sense of urgency that makes me know that the time is drawing to an end.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, please know that this present world will soon pass away with all of its so called pleasures. There isn’t much here for any of us. Keep this in mind.

This week, you will be presented with multiple opportunities to express your love for the Holy Spirit, to stand for Jesus Christ, and to love others as He loved you. So do not fail to make the most of these opportunities.

It’s time to start moving beyond mere existence and survival. There’s more to your life than putting food on the table and earning a paycheck. You are God’s channel of love on earth; an expression of Himself to all creation.

Be that: in your thinking; in your speaking; in your actions. Seize each moment of everyday to live for the Holy Spirit and not for yourself.

Yes, it’s time to lose ourselves in Him, that we may find life that is truly life.

May your week be blissful. 🙏