The countdown to the Festival of Home Churches 2010 has begun. Everything has been set in motion, to ensure that assigned tasks are carried out effectively and with optimal efficiency.

These preparations, though necessary and important, do not dictate in totality the successful execution of the details for the event; what does, “is the Lord being with us.”  This is the main factor, which if present, will make all the difference we seek, amidst all the hardwork and unrelenting efforts.

David, the man after God’s heart was great, and his burning desire for God spurs men to deep levels of intimacy with the Father up till today, because the Lord was with him.

Isaac became overly great and experienced tremendous wealth and abundance in a season of economic downturn and hardship, because the Lord was with him.

Joseph found favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison, who put him in charge of everything in his care, because the Lord was with him.

Paul labored more, and had extraordinary results to show for his hardwork, because the Lord was with him.

Jesus performed miracles, and it was recorded that, “everywhere he went, he did good.” He touched the lives of men and empowered them to chart a new and right course in their destinies, because the Lord was with him.

Moses understood this principle, and thus, in Exodus 33:12-14, he told the Lord point blank, “The children of Israel and I, will not go to battle against our enemies unless you go with us.”

The Lord went with them and that made all the difference; they emerged victorious.

We prayed for the Lord to be with us as we conclude all plans and preparations for the Festival of Home Churches 2010.

May He be with us and also with you, and cause every mountain of ill-health, lack, depression, abuse and mental slavery to melt away from your life in Jesus name.

God bless you and rejoice, for He is risen.