God Will Multiply Your Channels

The Holy Spirit has given us the promise that God will provide.
So, do not let your heart be troubled. And don’t panic in fear.

God’s Word is living, active and powerful. When it enters into your heart and takes root, it will produce a harvest. It will fulfill the purpose of God in your life.

During one of the sessions at the ongoing Wildfire Retreat, the Holy Spirit added another layer to the promise. He said that God will multiply your channels.

God will multiply your channels!

I urge all Blissfuls everywhere to connect with these living words. You are beloved of God. He loves you more than you can ever imagine. And He will take good care of you this year.

But we need to believe.
Thankfully, we have the Holy Spirit to help us believe.
So, I pray right away that the Holy Spirit Himself will help you believe these words that I’m declaring to you. I pray that through His power at work in you, you will partake in God’s nature of abundance.
In Jesus name.