God Will Crown Your Year

Psalm 65:11 NET | “You crown the year with your good blessings, and you leave abundance in your wake.”

Today’s post comes from a heart bursting with joy. It comes from a place of gratitude.

Few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit began to impress it strongly in my heart that the blessings for the year were not yet over. There were blessings waiting to be made manifest in my life and in the life of Blissfuls before the year ends. That God intends to crown this year with special blessings. Armed with this word, I began to pray earnestly.

I am here to announce to you that God has given me my special blessing, and you are next. He showed up for me as the impossibility specialist. And has inspired shouts of joy in my heart.(Psalm 65:8) The Holy Spirit tells me to announce to you today that you are next to testify!