May God Strengthen Your Trust In Him

If you are a child of God, perhaps, even a minister of God, I’m definitely certain you’ve received several promises from God. Maybe God has promised you that you’re going to reach the world; maybe you have received mind-boggling promises from the Lord. Now, you can’t wait for them to come to pass.

When you look around you, you see people achieving diverse results; some of them so rapidly that your own life seems to be static by comparison. I can understand the pressure you may be under as a result. Nevertheless, will you trust in God enough to bring His results into your life His own way?

Perhaps, you are a business man that has received lots of promises from the Lord. Now, when you look around you, you see your mates scheming, lying, cheating, and extorting their way to ‘success’. You know you can do what they are doing, and even do it better. You are probably being tempted sorely now to join the ride. Well, don’t!

I pray right now for you that God will strengthen your trust in him. I pray that the grace to trust in Him be released abundantly upon your heart. I pray for you that, in spite of the pressure to cave in to tricks, God may strengthen your confidence and your trust in Him. You will not be swept off your feet by the pressures of this world in the name of Jesus Christ.

I see you holding on until the result is visible. I see you holding on until the manifestations occur in the physical. I see you holding on until the finger of God is clearly seen in all areas of your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.