God Never Subtracts. He Only Multiplies. He Is A God Of Abundance!

BIBLE STUDY | John 15:2|He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.”

As God’s seed, you are now growing and flourishing. But there comes a time when He has to prune you so that you may bear more fruit. 

No worries, remember He is a God of Abundance! He never subtracts— He only add’s and multiply’s.

Right now you may feel like things are being taken away, but look with the eyes of the Spirit. Your loving Father is only pruning you so that you will flourish in abundance! 

I’m God’s Seed and bearing fruit, 
What’s this now… where’s my loot!?
It seems I’m losing what I had, 
Now this is making me oh so sad! 
On my branches there was fruit growing, 
Now I don’t see anything showing?! 
Can this be? 
What’s happening to me?!?

Relax, The Father knows best,
He is pruning you, so just rest. 
Trust Him to see,
You become all that you can be!
Pruning isn’t always fun,
But fruit… you’ll bear a ton!
All the old is dead and gone,
Now the new life can be shown. 

Little seed you are now are tree,
Rising high for all to see. 
People are resting,
Some are even nesting. 
Under your branches— flourishing,
Enjoying abundant fruit— nourishing. 
Pruning isn’t so bad after all,
Now you’re able to care for the great and small.