God Is Upgrading You!(3)

Good day precious one of the Spirit. You are stepping into all God has for you. The past is behind and you are stepping into the new day He has made TODAY. 

In this time of upgrade I told you that we will need the help of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit was showing me an example I’ll share with us. When you upgrade your phone it’s exciting to get a new one but sometimes there is a feeling of the old is better. In the new phone you will have new features you don’t know how to use. You may also lose old features that you liked. So the new isn’t always better in the beginning. 

Today ask Holy Spirit to help you to accept the changes of the new season you are in. That is why many don’t move with the Spirit. They are stuck in the old way of doing things. You may want a new job but still are looking at the “good” of the old one. You may desire a new house but are looking at the things you will miss in the “old” one. But today He will help you to step into the new and flow with Him from glory to glory! The new is BETTER!

Luke 5:39| “And no one after drinking old wine immediately wants the new, for they say, ‘The old is better.‘”