Each Revelation Of God Is A Unique Variety Of God.

Each revelation of God is a unique variety of God. When you look at the word ‘God’ in Hebrew language, you notice that it’s not a singular word. The word ‘God’ is a compound word. It is in the same class with words like ‘family’, ‘nation’ and ‘community’. These words are pluralistic in nature. This is why you can have several realities, or revelations, or manifestations of God. God’s being is manifested in diverse unique identities. It is very important that you know this.

For instance, there are different varieties of the human race. We have the Negroids – that’s the people like me; Caucasoids – the white people that live in North America, Western Europe and Russia; Mongoloids –that’s the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Arabs and others.

Now, each of these races have their own people with their own peculiarities and distinctive traits. However, each one is a human being, a member of the larger human race. None can be likened to a monkey, a leopard, a bear or a goat. Each is a human being. When you see the Ghanaian and the Canadian standing, you notice their distinct racial features including color of skin and body anatomy. They are human beings but different varieties of human beings. It’s the same way that God in manifestation appears in different varieties to different people.

At each point in time and space, God expresses Himself distinctively to different people. No single individual can contain all of God. No single revelation can describe all that there is to God. Each revelation of God is a unique variety of God. The expression of God’s infinite varieties is inexhaustible. Each manifestation of God brings to light an aspect of God which might be hitherto unknown.