God Has Opened Extraordinary New Doors For Us!

Good morning my beloved Blissful People!

Yesterday we concluded our July Fast by worshiping the Lord with our wealth, as the Holy Spirit Himself directed us to do.

To Him alone be the glory for the grace He gave us to fast; the grace to give cheerfully, generously and even sacrificially to Him.

He has received our worship. It has come up to Him as a memorial of love in heaven with our names engraved on it. A sweet fragrance before Him.

Now receive His word: The Holy Spirit shows me multiple new extraordinary doors opened for His Blissful People!

The floodgates divine revelations are open to lighten our path and guide our feet.

Powerful new realities are emerging. They will transform our lives and those of everyone around us.

May the Holy Spirit help us to continue to love and follow Him with all our hearts. In Jesus name.