God Can, And Will Take Care Of You

For forty years in the wilderness, the Israelites were fed daily by God. During this period, they never had to farm. There was no need for them to buy and sell.  Yet they enjoyed abundant daily provisions for forty years!  They never lacked food for a day; God fed them.

At some point they even got bored with the menu, and said to God,  “We’re sick of this menu, and we need a change of diet.”

“No problem,” God replied, and blew in meat from across the sea; so much that it took them nearly 3 days them to gather it. God provided for them.

God’s supernatural provisions for Israel during their forty years sojourn in the wilderness is an eternal statement: “Look, I can feed 3 million people for 40 years without their needing to farm, without their needing to buy and sell.”

Reflect carefully on this: If God can take care of 3 million people without their needing to buy and sell, or till the soil for a day, don’t you think He is able to take care of you?

The truth is that God can take care of you without you needing to lift a pitchfork, or buy and sell anything. His plan of provision for you is no longer through your work.

I know you’re wondering, ‘Pastor Favour what are you talking about?’ But, I’m speaking the word of God to you today.