Go Forth And Dominate This Week With The Favour Of The Holy Spirit!

Every Monday, we will download, install and activate the core prophecies and prayers received from the Holy Spirit the previous week. With that you will go forth and dominate your week with the Favour of the Holy Spirit!

Now start downloading…

May you always be filled, drunk, intoxicated with, and possessed by the Holy Spirit, every single second of your life. In Jesus Name!

May the LORD grant your prayers in Jesus Name!

May the Holy Spirit help your mind to focus on Him.
Let your mind always be dominated by thoughts of Him. In Jesus Name!

Your star is shining brighter and brighter!
Your star is rising higher and higher!

This month, expect an uncommon solution to that particular problem that seems hopeless.

May the Holy Spirit Himself destroy all traces of lack in your life, in your family and in your destiny today! In Jesus name!

Your boat is about to start sinking with the weight of the Favour of God! You are about to explode with increase like never before. Your financial season is about to turn for the better. Your seasons are about to change.

Let all these prophecies be downloaded, installed and activated in your life this day! In Jesus Name!