Fill me Jesus till I want no more,
Touch me where I need to be touched,
Hold me close to you and fill me with your love,
Prepare me, so, the fibres and deep recess of my soul may know you and love you more.

Giving is a demand God places on those who call Him Lord, on us, from time to time, to test us and make our hearts right towards Him. This, in turn, creates a strong spiritual foundation for wealth that lasts way beyond eternity.

To live is to give. And for enduring wealth, we need to give, to keep giving, and never stop giving.

By the way, the impact and legacy we leave behind for posterity and all humanity is dependent solely on what we give.

However, the giving we studied is not limited to physical cash but rather includes our talents, ideas, and of course, God’s infinite dimensions resident in us, which are desperately awaiting expression.

In all,  the most important form of giving still remains what Jesus did – laying down His life for all humanity. This takes precedence over all other forms of giving, because God can do more with your life in His hands than He can do with your money alone.

So, after this illuminating and seasoned session with the concept of giving at the fore, we demonstrated more love by presenting our well packaged offerings to Him.

We then reviewed the execution of some of our plans and strategies towards the upcoming Festival of Home Churches 2010, which you wouldn’t want to miss.

We had crispy brown sandwiches which tantalized our taste buds.

We are having fun in God’s presence.

Have a joyful weekend.

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