Get Ready, God Is Unveiling You!

The third letter in FRUIT is U. I will define as Unveiling. 

BIBLE STUDY |Matthew 7:20| Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

You are God’s seed that’s been planted & no one knows who you are. But as you grow and mature your identity becomes known as you bear fruit. 

This is what I call your unveiling. You may feel hidden, all alone, or like you searching for your identity. It’s ok, because you are in a season where God is about to unveil you to the world.

People will begin to ‘taste and see’ what all God has been doing in your life. People will come to your rising! 

Deep in the ground,
Your identity not found.
Alone in the dark,
wondering will you ever make your mark…
As a seed you were planted,
At every fearful thought your heart panted.
But now as you arise,
Every enemy meeting their demise.
This is your unveiling.
Your story people will be telling!
As you bust forth into the light,
Rising up with all your might!
Realizing you were a seed in the ground.
Now your true identity is found!
Fruit begins to flourish,
Other’s now you nourish.
They taste and see He is good,
Because you are growing as you should.
In your branches they will nest,
You are becoming a place of rest.

Prayer| Get ready to be unveiled to the world. God is causing you to known.