Genuine Worship is not Always Fun

“He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you”.
~Genesis 22:5

Carefully note what Abraham referred to as ‘worship’: the sacrifice of His one and only beloved son.

When he told those servants that he was going over there ‘to worship’, he wasn’t talking about some sensational, sentimental, and pleasurable ‘evening of worship’ music concert set up at someone else’s expense.

He meant the killing of His one and only beloved son!

When you consider what Abraham was going up that mountain to do, I can tell you this: genuine worship is not fun. Trust me, it’s never a fun thing.

Real worship is not fun. I mean, killing his son was not fun for Abraham. He wasn’t going up there saying, “Look guys, I’m going to have fun.” That wasn’t what he was thinking at all. There’s nothing fun about going up a tough climb to slaughter your only son.

Killing Isaac was not fun for Abraham at all; but he referred to it as worship. Thus, genuine worship is sacrifice; and it’s not fun at all. You can’t say that something is a sacrifice if it’s not painful. In fact, you call it a sacrifice because it involves some sort of denial. It’s something you would not do otherwise; you are doing it out of love for something, or someone. It’s normally painful.

Killing Isaac was not fun; it wasn’t a sweet thing. It wasn’t something Abraham gladly looked forward to. But he did it out of love for his God.

Unquestioning devotion to God, borne out of real love for Him is not always fun. You don’t become an Abraham – a great name; father of many nations and religions – just by showing up in church. You do it by sacrifices towards God that flow from love.