Free From Lucifer’s Spell

We all love the Lord and desire to meet Him in person, to know Him more and more.

But, what have you done with that desire? Have you pursued it diligently, or do you keep making excuses, postponing your pursuit, and allowing daily pressures to get in the way?

Lucifer operates a spiritual spell designed to keep all mankind running around in a rat race under his control. Lucifer’s spell is also designed to attack Blissfuls; keep them so distracted and weighed down by daily pressures, that they have no time or strength to nurture their connection with the Holy Spirit.

Exodus 5:9 NIV
Make the work [rat race] harder for the people [Blissfuls] so that they keep working and pay no attention to lies [their connection with the Holy Spirit].

This Luciferian strategy has been so effective that most of God’s children keep making excuses, postponing their pursuit of God, allowing daily pressures to get in the way.

It doesn’t have to be so. It shouldn’t be so.
Yes, you can be free from the rat race. And you should.

The Holy Spirit is always present to help us. And today, He is present with you to break Lucifer’s spell and give you victory over the rat race.

My prayer for all Blissfuls everywhere is that the Holy Spirit will break every magic spell of Lucifer, free His Blissfuls from the rat race, and help us all to pursue Him as life’s only treasure. In Jesus name. Amen. 🙏