Forge Ahead!

I do not know what you’ve been passing through, that has left you feeling all alone, sad and depressed.

I do not know the situation, that has made you shed tears at night, and wet your pillow incessantly.

I do not know the unexpected turn of events, that has left you bedazzled in despairing shock.

I do not know the bond of stagnation that has held on to you, crippling your resolve to ever think, once again, of moving forward.

I may not fathom the depth of your hurt, pain or sadness.

But, I know that every challenge came to strengthen you.

The storm came to make you strong.

The obstacle came to sharpen your wit ends and leave you more costly than diamond and all the precious, costly jewels in the whole world put together.

The seemingly unending turmoil came to fortify you, and reinforce your resolve to be outstanding, despite the tough forts that confront you daily.

However, your ability to withstand these adversities is what makes you victorious.

Simply put, you have no reason to fail. There is no reason to not be the best of you. You must be a shining light for all generations.

We were encouraged with these words at the Infinity Home Church, before moving to the plans for the Festival of Home Churches 2010, billed to commence in less than two weeks, and the Celebration of Colours, coming up this Sunday, during our Family Gathering.

An author once said that, ‘feedback is the breakfast of champions’. So, we looked back to see how plans are being effected for the upcoming events.

We, the Media and Marketing Crew for the Festival, have produced and distributed advert and registration materials.

Follow-up committees have been set up to monitor closely, all activities for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Do not worry about the past and negative experiences of your life. Just renew your mind and soul from the aftermath of dejection, loneliness and hurt, by studying the Word of God daily.

Forge ahead!

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