A home Church gatheringFine-tuning what’s already working…

Home church this week was a beehive of mental activities. We continued with optimizing and fine-tuning the structure of our home church – the Ideal Home Church.

As pointed out last week, each of us voiced their opinions concerning our results so far, and made recommendations as to the direction and objects of our optimization.

Areas mapped out for optimization include:

  • The interactive session.
  • Our presentations in church
  • Enlargement of our leadership base

First, our interactive study sessions…

Most of us made it clear that this has been their most relevant and imparting aspect of our meetings. A member said “The bible studies and interactive sessions always open my eyes to the depths of things I normally regarded as being insignificant. The session enlivens my awareness to profound spiritual and universal truths.”

Worthy of note, though, was that a lot us believed the time allocated to this session needed to be reduced so the other activities would enjoy ample attention.

Consequently, we decided to focus more energy on selecting the most relevant topics for the bible study session – since it is already yielding the most palpable result in our respective personal development and in our individual walk with God. After all, this is the hallmark of optimization – focusing more energy on what is working.

Nevertheless, as had been recommended, we effected a reduction in the duration of this session.

Secondly, our Sunday presentations…

I and many others were of the opinion that our weekly presentations in church have consistently been characterized by in-depth, insightful, meaningful and relevant spiritual, and contemporary messages which quite evidently never fail to bless the church. However, I disclosed my dissatisfaction concerning the fact that most of our presentations lacked some sort of abstract but uniquely soul-tantalizing flair that has constantly been the hallmark of the Infinity Home Church’s presentations.

To this effect, one of us – Chioma – who naturally oozes flair and flamboyant creativity was put in charge of presentations. Amaka, who reasonably shares the above instincts was appointed her assistant. They’ve already commenced work with this week’s presentation – a pantomimic display of rugged tenacity in following Jesus Christ despite the Devil’s attractive distractions. It’s better seen than described!

Thirdly, enlarging our leadership base…

Here, we, largely reshuffled and restructured the various offices and put capable members in charge of the offices where they naturally have strength and flair.

Last came the introduction of our new stringent code of conduct. Our home church, now, reminds one of a military training institute. This is to bring out the best in each of us, since an unyielding personal and corporate discipline is most essential to spiritual and intellectual growth.

This, however, stirred a loudly silent aura of rather disturbing sobriety in the meeting; but this was dispelled by an encouragement from one of us “let us not cringe at discipline, but let’s willingly embrace it – shunning all seemingly cogent excuses; for in sooner than no time, we, like gold that’s been through the fiery furnace, will emerge highly efficient individuals and IDEAL Christians.”

I then closed the meeting after prayerfully commissioning the officials into their various offices. On Saturday, we all would observe an all-day fast, asking God to give us an irresistible passion for Him.

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