success 1My personal opinion about success is that only two persons can ascertain whether or not you are successful. Those two are:

  • Your own personal God, &
  • You.

Two aspects of success

Unfortunately for those who would want to propose otherwise, there’s no universally standardized yardstick for measuring success. Success is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. It’s a highly relative concept and absolutely subjective.
However, there are features of success that are universal and there are those that vary as infinitely as there are distinct personalities. It’s just as we see in the human body; though no two people have the same genetic design as shown by the science of genetics, yet every properly developed human body shares certain common features like a head, a nose, heart, and so on. In the same way, some aspects of the concept of success are constant to all perspectives and experiences, whereas others are variables.
It is always important to distinguish between these two aspects of success.

Personal perspectives and experiences of success

Each individual has a personal perspective and experience of success.
For the single girl at 35, success might mean getting married to her dream man.
For the student battling with his degree exams, it might mean academic distinction.
The African woman who’s been married for 12 years without any child might define success in terms of carrying her own child in her arms. African woman and child
The person diagnosed of AIDS, or terminal cancer would most likely perceive success as health and freedom from pain.
For some, it might mean a certain level of income, whereas for others it may be having a multi-billion dollar global business empire.

Obviously, it’s very difficult to peg success down to any particular definition.

Universal experiences of success

Success is an internal experience. So regardless of your own personal perspective of it, it will always manifest the following personal experiences:

  • inner joy, peace, and tranquility
  • a sense of relevance
  • a deep and enduring feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

But it is also an objective experience with external ramifications. So again, regardless of your own personal perspective of it, it will always create the following effects:

  • harmony with the guiding principles and laws of the universe
  • elevation of the quality of life of other people
  • elevation of the quality of your own life.

Find and pursue your own success

Yes, provided it does not violate the guiding principles and laws of life, as long as it does not hurt your fellow human beings, and as long as it does not hurt you, pursue that which fills you with happiness and fulfillment and which adds the greatest value to your life and that of others! That is your own success.

success 2So what is it that releases joy in your heart?

  • Is it being part of another person’s success story?
  • Is it helping others experience justice?
  • Is it seeing the world around you neater and better organized?
  • Is it meeting the needs of others?
  • Is it seeing that those are suffering experience relief and comfort?
  • Is it bringing more melody and sweetness into the world through lovely songs and sounds?

Go for it!

What is it that floods you with a sense of relevance?

  • Is it communicating helping information to others?
  • Is it seeing people converted from bad into good behavior?
  • Is it seeing the productivity of other people enhanced and accelerated?

Go for it!

What creates that deep and enduring reality of satisfaction and fulfillment within you?

  • Is it seeing smiles on other people’s faces as a result of your efforts?
  • Is it seeing more money accumulated and made available for the needs of the less privileged?
  • Is it helping others find direction and meaning in their lives?

Go for it!

What adds the greatest value to the lives of other people?
What elevates the quality of your own life?
Go for it!

A word of caution

Be careful, though, not to let the attitude of others bother you if what satisfies and fulfills you does not meet their particular definition of success.
Discover yourself.
Find and pursue your own success.

Now tell us, what is your own success?

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Yes Peter. I have always viewed success in terms of the impact and influence your life is having on other people…positively.

Peter Allan Roberts
Peter Allan Roberts

Success may be judged by your guidance to others, then returning to you.