Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

Through continuous fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you can essentially and consciously become one with God, and consequently destroy death and the fruits of death.

Death and loneliness

“When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: “Death has been swallowed up in victory”. “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?””
1 Corinthians 15:54-55

As I see it, death is essentially the alienation of the human consciousness from God’s eternal Spirit; the alienation of the soul from the Source; and I think that people are born into this world in varying degrees of alienation. In this state of alienation, there exists what I may call a ‘soul-space’ between the individual’s consciousness – what I know – and God’s Spirit – who I am. In other words, alienation creates soulspacebetween the individual consciousness, soul, and God’s eternal Spirit, Source.

This state of alienation is what we call death, while the resultant soul-space is the essence of what we know as loneliness. Soul-space is a void; it is darkness. Thus death is the root of soul-space, which is the essence of loneliness.

Loneliness, then, is simply materialization, in one’s emotions, of that soul-space that exists between the conscious self and the essential self when one is alienated from one’s Source.

Loneliness and fellowship

And I don’t think that loneliness can be eliminated solely by companionship with anyone.

Here’s why: Fellowship or companionship indicates that the relevant entities are together, sharing, but distinct; you are connecting and communicating with another being. In fellowship, there is still what I call ‘a personality divide’ or ‘space’ between the two entities. So, soul-space is still intact.

Companionship, therefore, does not automatically eliminate loneliness. Loneliness can only be eliminated through fusion—when the individual consciousness becomes fused with the Holy Spirit into spiritual oneness.

As you can see, when you say you are in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you imply that, though the two of you may be together, He is still distinct and separate from you. Thus, soul-space is still intact. However, and this is the beauty and power of fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit, the more you fellowship and stay in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the more you become fused with Him into spiritual oneness; thus eliminating soul-space and destroying the state of alienation.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit, therefore, is not an end in itself. It should culminate in oneness with God.

Intimacy with God

Jesus Christ came to reconcile man to God; to destroy the man’s state of alienation from God. Through His own voluntary alienation from the Father, He conquered death once and for all for all mankind.

About the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” – which means, “My God, my God,, why have you forsaken me?”
~Matthew 27:46

Every true spiritual teacher that has ever been this way was also sent from the One Source of all spirits to fight and defeat this alienation in man; to restore oneness, or intimacy between the individual consciousness and God. I believe this is also our mission here: to achieve this oneness with God in our own persons and to inspire the same intimacy with God in others; in other words, to overcome death in ourselves, and in others.

‘mere men’ and ‘the gods’…

Now, in alienation, your individual consciousness — that is, your capacity to know (intelligence) — becomes trapped in the material sphere, completely disconnected and away from your divine essence. When this is the case, death reigns; you manifest strictly as ‘mere men’. You ‘die’…

“”I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’ But you will die like mere men; you will fall like every other ruler”.”

~Psalms 82:6-7

However, when you ‘come back to yourself’, and become one with the Holy Spirit — what I have often referred to as ‘intimacy with God’ — your consciousness becomes one with your essentialness. Then you become, as Paul wrote, ‘spiritually minded’; and you begin to manifest as ‘god’…

“When the crowd saw what Paul had done, they shouted in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have come down to us in human form!””
~Acts 14:11

In this region of time and space (I mean, in your present earthly life), you are either manifesting as ‘mere men’, or as ‘the gods’. It’s all a matter of alienation from, or intimacy with God.

Peace that passes understanding…

Loneliness, tension, stress, anxieties, worries, in short diseases, are fruits of alienation; of death.

But when you feel that serene, tranquil inner calmness of peaceful bliss, you know you are ‘home’; you are one with God. You know that you are whole when you can feel that inner state of blissful peace; or, peaceful bliss.

While desire is the cause of tension in both body and soul, peace is the state of wanting nothing. When you want nothing, you are at peace.

Personal freedom…

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.”
John 8:32

Notice that it is not the truth that sets you free. It is your knowledge of the truth that sets you free. The truth is one; your knowledge of truthis another. Both must become one to create freedom.

To be truly free, you must through continuous fellowship with the Holy Spirit become one with the truth; one with God. Freedom is the fruit of intimacy with God. Freedom from desires. Freedom from cares. Freedom from the opinions of others.

When through fellowship with the Holy Spirit you become fused into spiritual oneness with God, death is swallowed up in victory by life, freedom is born, and loneliness vanishes.