Fellowship Of Gods

It’s a new season. The time has come to confidently take your place among the Gods. This is the moment. Seize it.

We are getting ready to resume our daily Prayer Connect broadcasts. We’re still working out the content and format. But know this, it will be deep. Not milk; it will be meats and bones to move us to higher dimensions of our Godness.

Meanwhile, we’ve already started the Fellowship of Gods on Zoom. We are Gods. And if you believe you are, and you want to be strengthened in that awareness, plus learn how to think, speak and live as God, then join me on Zoom whenever you can.

If you need further clarity, ask your question in the comment. One of the Blissful Pastors will give you all the answers you need.

Please note this: For all our online meetings, broadcasts, fellowships, and so on, there will no more be specific schedules. It’s a matter of if you catch it whenever it’s happening. I’ve experienced some level of evolution that has caused me to transcend clock and calendar time. So I no longer operate fixed schedules. For this reason, you can only catch me if you’re alert and sensitive to your own spirit.

But to assist you, whenever I go live on any platform, Blissful Pastors will alert you in our Telegram group by posting a link. Watch out for it. I assure you it’s in your best interest not to miss any of these spontaneous events.

Let’s journey on together.