How To Go From Glory To Glory

Do you know the two things that satan hates the most in your life?

  1. Your fellowship with God and,
  2. His revelation of who you are.

Satan will fight these two in your life with every weapon of the kingdom of darkness.

He’s going to attack your connection with the Father – that is, your connection with God. He’s going to do everything possible to disconnect you from that because that is your root; that is your source. You may not fully appreciate that truth but he sure does. And he understands the implications of your Source being God. The devil will do everything in this world to disconnect you from the Father. Never let that happen.

Your fellowship with God is something you have to work at daily. Every single day, make sure you’re rooted in God. In all you do, make sure you are rooted in God.

The next major thing the devil is going to attack in your life is the revelation of God to you; the reflection that God has shown you about who you are. He will attempt to corrupt the image God has shown you about yourself; just like he tried to do with Jesus. And like I told you, you can be sure that he will use anything he can lay his hands on against you. So never let that happen to you.

I’d like you to shun earthly reflectors. Stay connected to God in fellowship. Continue to look intently at God’s revelation of who you are. And what happens is that, like Jesus, you’re simply going to go from glory to glory, until ultimately you become a visible manifestation of the Father in this world.