Feed The Ducks

Earlier today, we did a short video recording at the Zemurray Park in Hammond, Louisiana. The environment was lovely and serene: lush greenery; large sprawling lawns; beautiful artificial lake with a fountain in the center. Some ducks were laying out there as well; and my producer particularly wanted to shoot the video with the ducks in the background. 

After the shooting, and as we gathered up our equipment to leave, she suddenly asked me to feed some bread to the ducks so she could get a picture of me doing that. Well, I did so, while she took her pictures.

Later in the evening after our midweek fellowship, we were all chatting at the table when it suddenly hit me that my feeding the ducks earlier in the day was actually a prophetic action directed by the Lord through my producer. There and then this word hit me: If I could get you to feed the ducks at the right moment, without you having any prior plans to do so, I can supply all of your needs at the right moment through any channel of my choosing, without them even knowing what they’re doing.”

And He told me to share this story here, for whosoever is able to receive it.