May You Be Found Faithful To The Holy Spirit

Hello Blissful People!

Soon we shall resume our powerful journey of Prayer Connect. The journey that is forever changing our realities.

Even now, you and I stand at the doorstep of something extraordinary. A mighty visitation of God among Blissful People is already here.

The Holy Spirit.

And He has commanded us to honor Him every Friday with our wealth. May you be found faithful in this, in Jesus name.

Today is Favour Friday, and His grace of giving is mightily upon us.

So, give whatever He prompts you to give. No more. No less. Don’t hold back.

Just be obedient.

Use any of the available options below to send your Favour Friday offerings, tithes, or firstfruits for today:


Wildfire Divine Favour
Zenith Bank Nigeria


Pay to: Wildfire Missions
Mail to:
Wildfire Missions
PO Box 876
Albany, LA 70711


To send your offering via PayPal, credit card, or e-check, please click the button below: