Faith For The Impossible

I want us to go green and off grid at the Holy Place —our Enugu Mission Center in Nigeria. Specifically, to generate all our electricity from solar, completely independent of any external power company. This has always been my strong desire and firm decision from day one.

But then, good things rarely come cheap. To go green and off grid at the Holy Place, we’ll  need to dish out a few million Naira. An amount I do not physically have, nor have any clues on how to get—except, of course, that God is able to supply.

As I pondered the challenge, I began to consider all the ways I could cut costs. Maybe even settle for something less than the ideal I imagined.

Surprisingly, the Holy Spirit said, “No.”

Instead, He put a really significant amount in my mind and told me to go for that.

I had no idea where or how to raise such an amount of money on a very short notice. In response, He told me that wasn’t my business since God would provide the money for me.

That set up a conflict in my mind; between the Word of the Holy Spirit, and my logical human reasoning.

This conflict has been on now for a while, and it’s been quite interesting.

I am constantly tempted every minute to go for a capacity I can conveniently afford. But the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me.

At some point, I had multiple ideas on how to settle for a much less capacity than I originally wanted. This would cost far less than the amount He put in my mind. In fact, I wouldn’t even need faith to get it.

But He wouldn’t let me.

And this is the most beautiful part of it all: how He has continued to gently encourage me to put my feet down on that specific amount He gave me.

The problem is, I have no single idea how this amount He’s mentioning would come.

“That’s exactly the beauty of it,” He responded.

“You have no idea how it would come,” He continued. “But I do. I just haven’t told you. I simply need you to trust Me and let Me blow your mind. It’s so much fun for Me. I love doing that.”

“But I also love to stretch your faith and expand you in the process so you’ll be able to hold more capacity from Me and bless more lives.”

“Don’t be timid,” He said. “And don’t wobble in doubt and double mindedness. Put your feet down on that amount and don’t cave in to convenient alternatives.”

Well, He’s helped me thus far, and my little mustard seed faith seems to be growing by the day. My heart is also expanding by the day.

And so far, I’ve already successfully resisted and rejected several convenient and cheaper alternatives.

I’m not there yet, but I’m well on my way. It’s a journey of faith.

The Living Room at the Holy Place: Wildfire Mission Center, Enugu, Nigeria.

Do you have a project before you that you have no idea how to fund? Then welcome to the journey of faith. Let us travel together. We will definitely get there by the help of the Holy Spirit.

Right now I’m praying for you. May the Holy Spirit help you to put your feet down on the amount you require. May He help you to resist and reject convenient and cheaper alternatives. May He help you to believe and hold on for the impossible. In Jesus name.