Failure is a friend and a teacher

Failure is your immunity against further and more destructive failures

Failure is a friend and a teacher, so don’t feel bad or sad about your failures, feel grateful instead.
If the seed of wisdom is in you, failure is your immunity against further and more destructive failures.
Failure is a revelation of one more way to avoid in your journey towards personal success and fulfillment.

Failure is a friend and a teacher, so don’t be afraid of it.
You don’t necessarily have to court it or deliberately go after it, you’ll meet it along the way in your journey towards personal success and fulfillment.

You’ll always be a student in the university of life!

You’ll find failure smiling down at you just at the point when you’re about to conclude that you’ve known everything. It will always be there to remind you that you are still a student of life and that graduation never occurs on this side of eternity. It is there to tutor you on the fact that you’ll remain a learner in the university of life.

Every now and then, particularly when pride, arrogance, and cockiness join your inner circle of companionship, failure will trip you up! Remember, as you behold that broad grin on it’s face, that it’s not a foe; it’s a friend and a teacher.

Never let failure scare you

There’s no point trying to avoid failure, that will only make your life a cowardly, timid, fearful, and small one. It’s better to learn from it whenever you stumble into it as a result of your carelessness, or risk taking. At those moments, dare to say, “Hey friend, what do you want to teach me this time?”

Never let it’s leering look intimidate you; it means no harm – it is just a friend and a teacher.

Failure is a lousy teacher, though!

Let me warn you; failure might be a great friend, but it’s often a lousy teacher!
Failure is not a perfect teacher, so take it’s counsel with a pinch of salt, particularly when it suggests that you should abandon your journey for personal success and fulfillment.
At that point, be bold enough to remind it that it is stepping beyond it’s region of expertise. Let it know that it lacks the wisdom and mandate to tell you what you can or can’t do, because your Creator says you can actually do anything you believe you can.

Failure is a poor painter of human potential

In it’s sincerity to help, failure might hand you one of it’s ready-made portraits of you! Throw it into the thrash can, because 100% of the times, failure’s portrait of you is grossly flawed!
Failure is a poor painter of human character, ability, and potential. That is not it’s field. It has no talent in that area. So when failure tries to paint a portrait of you on the canvas of your mind, stop it and push it away. Let it know it’s stepping beyond the region of it’s expertise.

Keep failure in its place

Failure is a friend and a teacher, but remember to keep it in its place.
Never give it control over your emotions and moods because it’ll mess it all up. Stay in charge of how you feel while failure presents it’s lectures.

Failure is a friend and a teacher, but be careful because it’s full of mischief! Every now and then it may try to enjoy some sadistic thrill out of your misery.
It’ll try to scare you; don’t fall for it.
It’ll try to sadden you; don’t allow that.
It’ll try to discourage you; don’t let that happen.
It’ll even try to make you envious of others; don’t be.

How to relate with failure

After my numerous encounters with failure, I’ve learnt a thing or two about how to relate with it:

  1. Thank God each time you encounter failure. Don’t complain, murmur, or complain; be grateful to God.
  2. Listen to it’s commentaries, observations, and analysis of your methods.
  3. Keep it in check and stop it from trespassing beyond it’s region of expertise.
  4. When you’ve extracted the objective, positive, and inspiring lessons from it’s commentaries, walk away from it and continue in your journey towards personal success and fulfillment. Don’t allow failure to tag along with you under any pretensions.

Have you ever encountered failure? I bet you have.
What were the most important things you learnt from it?
Did it try to overstep it’s boundaries?

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I agree. One of the best learning experiences of my life was when I was fired from a job. It was a painful and embarrassing experience, but now that I’m a couple of years past it, I’m thankful that it happened. It taught me a lot about myself and life. It also forced me out of the rut I was in and ultimately opened up many new opportunities for me.


Failure is such a harsh word, for I fell that it implies judgement, either of oneself or of others.

Being a permanent student in the university of life I prefer to think of my “failures” as opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t, and as signs the universe is telling me I’m not on the right path.

Robin Easton
Robin Easton

This is a FANTASTIC article. I am going to print it out and put it on my wall. It is a powerful reminder of truth that already lives in my heart, but a truth that we all sometimes need to hear. Thank you my friend for such wonderfully potent and positive expressions. I am grateful for them.


Bunny got Blog
Bunny got Blog

very moving post.We all need to be grateful for all we have and share when others are in need.