Expectations become realities

~ New wine must be put into new wineskins ~ Luke 5:37a

What this means is that you can’t manifest and experience new realities with an old way of thinking.
New realities and experiences demand a new mentality. If you want to change your experiences and manifestations, change your mentality and mindset.

Your expectations lie at the core of your mentality, and they create your experiences. Your expectations become realities in your personal life. Expectation is literally a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For instance, you should not expect the manifestation of abundance in your life as long as you continue to wear the cap of lack and scarcity over your mind. It is difficult to enjoy robust health as long as you continue to think in terms of sicknesses and infirmities. The number one key to your manifestations is your mentality; the number one hindrance to your manifestations is your mentality.

Here’s a key aspect of the mission statement of Jesus Christ:

~ “…I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance – to the full, till it overflows.”
John 10:10b Amp.

In spite of the above statement, it’s sad to observe that God’s people still find it hard to accept the life of pleasure and plenty that God has willed them. It is still easier for people to think in negative terms, in terms of pain and suffering, than in terms of abundance and prosperity.

Remove the cap of lack and embrace the glorious possibilities of a full life, an abundant life, and an overflowing life. This overflowing life cannot be accommodated in a mind that thinks small and timidly.

Stop thinking small.
Stop expecting pain.
Stop expecting failure.
Stop expecting suffering.
Stop expecting rejection.

Have an expansive mind that is filled with positive expectations.

Expect to enjoy your life.
Expect to have more than enough.
Expect overflowing abundance.
Expect peace, joy, and prosperity.
Expect health and long life.
Expect divine favors and supernatural increases.

Refuse to be intimidated by the negative facts of your life.
Refuse to acknowledge the negative facts of your life as real.
Refuse to accept the negative facts of your life as permanent.
Refuse to meditate on that negative news that you just received.
Refuse to ponder over the negative appearances in your life.

It’s time to give permission for the manifestation of the overflowing life God has already promised you. Put a smile on your face and expect to move into new levels of abundance and prosperity!

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Deborah Alinda
Deborah Alinda

Tried and proven. The ability to move mountains begins with a positive attitude. Without a positive attitude how can one have faith?


Cultivating expectation is something I still have a bit of a problem with.