Every Life Has A Purpose

Hello Blissfuls!

Open your heart to this mystery.

Within you lies eternity. In your heart there is no time, no space, no limits. Your Maker—the Source of your life—dwells there.

Every life has a purpose. A purpose only your Maker can show you. Your purpose speaks of how He desires to express His love nature through you.

You can choose to be His vessel, and let Him flow unhindered through you. Or you can choose to go through time and space seeking your own pleasures.

The choice is entirely yours.

Bliss happens, here and hereafter, when and only when there is harmony between you and your Maker; when you become the expression of His heart’s desire for making you.

I pray this finds you in good spirits, and is not too deep for you to understand. He put this message in my heart today for you. Which is why I wrote this.

I pray you’re able to discover His purpose for your life. And that you live it. In Jesus name,

Bliss be with you.