Enjoy Your Own Success

Learn to enjoy your own success.

To become more successful, and particularly without much stress and exertion, you need emotional energy – enthusiasm, passion, drive, and excitement. When you lack this emotional energy, it becomes extremely difficult to achieve what I call sweatless success – success without stress.
An energetic, passionate, excited, and positive attitude in life is extremely crucial to attaining success without much struggling, sweating, and suffering.

Nothing dampens this energy as much as unfair and ill-informed comparisons with others.

~ “…When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.” ~ Apostle Paul, II Corinthians 10:12

It is foolish to compare yourself with other people. It rarely pays, and even when it appears to, the rewards are ultimately worthless considering the cost you pay in loss of self-esteem.

Do not allow negative comparisons to dampen the personal pleasure and fulfillment you should derive from your own success. You too are successful. Appreciate every single success you’ve recorded in your life so far. It doesn’t matter how ‘insignificant’ they seem.

In reality, they are significant.
They are significant because they are extremely empowering and capable of catapulting you to new heights of success and achievements. Such is the power of gratitude – your ability to reflect on your victories without comparing them to those of others.

Never look at your successes in the light of other people’s accomplishments. Rather consider your personal successes as sources and fountains of power and inspiration. View them as nourishments and spiritual vitamins that energize and inspire you to create new and better results.

Focus on enjoying your own success.
Learn to enjoy your own success.
Relish it.
Bask in its pleasure.
Have fun.
It might not be ‘much’ but it’s yours. So enjoy it and have fun!

The strange thing is that when you do enjoy your own success, you attract new and better results without much stress.When you focus on relishing your own little successes, you begin to experience increasing measures of self-confidence which is more influential than IQ as far as results and achievements are concerned.

You are important.
You are relevant.
The most important issue, however, is whether or not you are aware of your importance and relevance.
The essence of your importance and relevance does not lie in other people’s opinion of you – their acceptance, or rejection, value, or neglect of you – but rather it is hidden in your own awareness of the good in you.
This awareness is enhanced the moment you begin to enjoy your own success!

When you enjoy what you are doing, the quality of your work increases.
The moment you begin to enjoy what you already have, you start to harness their potentials optimally.
Such is life.

Your best moments are already happening right before your eyes!
Are you aware of them? Are you enjoying them? Are you having fun?
Don’t wait till tomorrow to begin appreciating yourself. Start right now! Get on with it!
Enjoy your own successes as they occur.