Don’t Speak Down On Yourself

Be careful with your words. You are a life-giving spirit, and should give life to circumstances and people around you. Don’t speak down on yourself.  Don’t talk down on other people. Don’t go screaming at everybody around you,and when asked why, you simply say, “I am angry”.

Do you know the implication of that singular statement. What you’re saying in essence is that anger is your nature. Actually you are saying that you’re no longer a god; you are no longer in agreement with what God’s word says about you.

Let me give you this simple rule of thumb: Whenever you say “I am,” strive to follow it with a divine attribute.  “I am,” is the language of God.

Discipline yourself to not use the phrase “I am,” thoughtlessly. Don’t use it carelessly in your mouth or in your life.

I’m working on that myself; such that every time that I say “I am,” I must follow it with a divine attribute. So I don’t go saying, “I am sick”;  instead I say, “I am strong.”

I am blessed.

 I am successful.

I am a blessing.

I am the light of the world.

I am a new creation.

 I am a pillar of fire

My dad usually says: “I am the solid rock, so anytime you kick at the rock, you will break your leg.” I absolutely love that!

So learn how to talk .You can give life to your business. You can give life to your finances. You can speak life to everything that you are doing.

Your life will rise or fall to the level of what you say. Jesus said, you will have what you continually say. What you continually say will shape your life. Speak prosperity to yourself; speak peace to yourself; speak health, strength, progress to yourself; and everything about you will rise to that level.