Don’t Settle For A Pacifier When You Have The Satisfier

The things of this world will always fall short of giving you what you truly need. They are very futile in their attempt. It has been my experience that many things we seek out only serve as a pacifier. 

Like a baby with a pacifier, it will only hold for so long. After a while it will no longer be sufficient. Just like the baby, you will end up still hungry and searching to satisfy the hunger pains. It has also been my experience that Holy Spirit is the Satisfier of my soul, the only One Who can really satisfy the deep hunger of my soul.

Many gods have tried to pacify and appease the desperate cry of my soul. But all have been insufficient. But since I’ve met the Holy Spirit He has touched me, filled me and satisfied me in ways no one or nothing has, nor can it. Today, I urge you by the Spirit of God to come to the Satisfier that will NEVER run dry. Come and drink and be deeply satisfied.