Don’t Run Aimlessly

A lot of emphasis is currently being placed on purpose and personal success at this time; and rightly so. However, there’s a difference between a purpose-driven life, and a purposeful life. It is important you get this straight. You are not supposed to be purpose-driven; you are designed to be driven by God. You are to be led by the Spirit.

…because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God
~ Romans 8:14

However, you should be purposeful in your walk with God.

To live a purposeful life means to understand God’s dream and mission for your life. It means to grasp the purpose of the Spirit in your life. You comprehend the variety of God that you were created to manifest on earth. Then you begin to act now with the Spirit to achieve His purpose for you. Don’t lose sight of this truth.

Sometime ago, I addressed a group of ladies in a particular forum and I touched on the differences between the female and male gender. I told them that while the males tend to be goal-oriented, the ladies are process-oriented. Now, being process-oriented doesn’t mean you’re not purposeful. It actually means that you are actively engaged in the process and making sure that you guide the process towards the purpose. It indicates you are constantly reviewing your actions to ensure that they are geared towards realizing your purpose.

You should work towards your purpose. The Holy Spirit is purposeful. God is purposeful. He sees the end from the beginning and works towards that end. As Paul counsels, ‘Don’t run aimlessly.’ There should be an aim to your running. Don’t box the air. There should be a target to your boxing. Live a purposeful life.

“Therefore I do not run like the man running aimlessly, I do not fight like a man beating the air”
~ 1 Corinthians 9:26